Right People Wrong Profession!

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People don’t choose their profession in this economy. We are bound to work for years for someone who has a completely different dream than ours. Why don’t we come out of our shell and do work which excites us? No work is small or big. It is our attitude which makes all the difference. We can be a bad Airline pilot and never get a raise and keep getting fired from an airline company to another or may crash a few Airlines!. Or instead be a great carpenter. Open a store of our own, build beautiful and mind blowing stuff in it. Become a competitor of say ‘IKEA’. Yes, it all depends on how much we want to invest in ourselves and our dreams.

More than 80% people on this planet don’t like their work. But they still do it every day, year after year. Is this because of the monetary pressure that always surrounds them in a difficult economy or is it that they have compromised with their current situation? Both sound quite right to my ears. But beyond this there is something they have not tried. Ask someone better! There is no harm in taking an advice from someone when your career depends on it.

However, we can challenge these two mindsets too. What if they have never gotten a better advice or guidance from someone who is better equipped in that field? By taking the right advice do you lose anything, No! In fact, you will get to know certain facts which no website and book can give you. It is the sheer experience of a person which can move mountains.

As Einstein says: “Information is not Knowledge. The only source of knowledge is experience.”

Have you got emails telling you that unfortunately we could not invite you for an interview right now as we have found someone BETTER? You can break this jinx. It tells you that you are not fit for this position. Why should you waste your time with someone telling you that you don’t fit in this role? To be able to ace an interview or get hired for a position, first understand from an expert whether you are made for it or not and the nuances of it. Remember what happens when someone gives you a perfect advice. You are delighted as you can rely on that person’s experience that he had acquired over the years on a certain subject.

We are on this earth for some 70-80 odd years. Out of that most of our time goes in sleeping or working for someone who doesn’t understand your worth. They want a slave who can do their task in 8 hours and we happily do it for some dollars. Although, this is easier said than done, but just evaluate what you really want to do in life and choose that profession even if it pays less, might be embarrassing in the beginning and a lot of criticism from family and peers but the end result will be better. If your heart isn’t there, mind (however sharp it is) doesn’t matter!

Live your own dream rather than someone else’s. Time is short. See its Tick Tocking already!
All the best in your future endeavors.

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