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Think how better our life could be if at an early stage of our career an experienced person can tell us if you are choosing a right/wrong career. Would you not feel good as this person has seen a lot of lives and based on the experiences of his and others he can provide you a great recommendation. That small tweak or change in the right direction could take our career to new heights.

I can quote an example of my wife and my sister. My wife was a brilliant student all her life and was about to get into a wrong direction in her career when a peer advised her to choose business development instead of advertisement, right after college. She was a top student in her college and a gold medalist in post graduation. But somebody saw something in her and advised her to take this route instead. Science graduate going to business development! doesn’t sound right, does it? But she did take that into her stride and today she is a successful business women working in a global retail giant. Similar to this is my sisters story. She was recommended by her coach in school to go with Geography as a subject as she was really very innovative in her ideas and her presentations in this field. Initially she was hesitant but then she agreed and today she is working with a global non-profit organization as a Program Manager. She was the top urban planning student in India when she did her masters in geography from a renowned university. The point is no one has ever lost more than gained by taking a very objective and constructive advice from someone who knows you as a person and this takes time and sometimes even months to come to a conclusion. However, some of the people are doing exactly the opposite in the counseling industry. They just give you an advise based on what you put on your resume or at the maximum by looking at your social profile(assuming you are very active on the social media!). What happens next is, you give up all the self-confidence and basically choose to agree what they tell you.

My career path which is not as per my aspirations. And even today it doesn’t seem like I have done enough in my career as I could have done it. And I can’t blame anyone for this as I didn’t approach anyone for support in the early part of my career. When you are a fresh graduate it is utmost important that you decide which direction you want to go and then talk to your peers on this. Most often than not you will get the right answers. Because the return on investments of taking an advice is life altering. If you can’t decide on your own which way to go, then the best thing is to ask for help from peers in your field. I don’t want to sound cliched but you can take advantage of the MBTI test(Personality test) and several other tests available online to check your personality and behavioral skills. You can also shout out loud on social media sites like twitter, Quora and Pinterest to look for specific advices. But you really need to spend a lot of time before you get really concrete out of it. And straight out of college you are looking for a job, a career and not 6 months of research on where to go and what to do. What if a seasoned peer is available to you with whom you can just talk/write and somewhere you believe this person is more worth talking to about your career. Would you be ready to pay for the advice you need? I will, as this advice can potentially change my career and my life.

Like every teacher who has the capability to change nations by imparting right kind of knowledge to her student, similarly, every peer in a particular field or profession has the capability to change and create an amazing personality from a tired 9 to 5 working professional to a successful person.

This ‘advice’ business of things doesn’t only apply to fresh graduates or students in schools and colleges but also to people who are unemployed and looking for a better career strategy or path for themselves. Not just that to people who have recently been laid off and are looking for an answer as to what are they doing wrong with their career. Believe me 95% of the time, it’s not you. It is the company who has made the wrong decision in hiring you in the first place. You could have instead gone on to a company or profession where your personality and persona matches 100% and where you shine without too many efforts. You would love the job and you want to wake up every day to go and perform in this work environment.

Do you agree that taking advice or getting connected to someone who really matters, is a great change to your life?


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