First mover advantage!

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There are hundreds and thousands of informational material available online. As a close estimate, Google has scanned something like 140 million books written so far in human history and they are all available at your disposal. The question is, do you have the time to go through some of them when you really need to run or implement your idea perhaps as a startup or maybe even a blog. Again, ‘run’ and not just sprint! Yes, you can read about your niche or interest area and rise in your field. But wouldn’t it take just too long. In the era of instant messaging and social media, you just can’t rely on books and search engines to work in your area. Who says there is no shortcut to success? People are killing it every day by being the first movers. Imagine you will need a year or so to read and research in your field of interest. I am sorry, but the world is moving so fast that when you wake up from a night’s sleep, there are more than 200,000 websites created. The chances are your idea or interests have already been taken by someone. Let me share a hypothetical situation. Let’s say your are planning to interview at Google. This is the second round of interview for the position you always wanted to work and there is a total of 5 rounds. What if someone who knows what is precisely needed in that role and can share with you. You have 1000% more chances of cracking the interview as you have reached the exact answer the hiring manager is actually looking for. How can you do it? Please don’t think that some book or reading an article on the internet can help you in that. No way! Not at all.

And this is precisely the point, take advice from a mentor who has the insights that no search engine can provide. Humans are still the most intelligent ‘thing’ available on this planet. I feel very sorry for the people who take ages to convey their message. Even though their message is strong, the world has moved ahead by then. You need to run and run like Usain Bolt. If you can’t, someone else¬†will reach there before you and there is nothing left for you except compromising your idea. It is a harsh reality but in every sphere of life the phrase always stands its ground, ‘Survival of the fittest’. Be the first person to know. Not anything generic. But very precise and absolutely accurate.

Imagine if you have a day left in your life. Would you go to a book or a search engine on how to find what you really need as you don’t want to die without knowing it! You would only need a person who had been there and done that.

Your life will change drastically and perhaps one day you will be an answer to someone’s question. Someone whom people will look up to. You will not just do good financially, but the admiration that you will get will far bigger than any million dollars you earn from it.

The best investment that you could ever do is in yourself. Do it now. Find a mentor and shine!

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