5 reasons you should listen to debates

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Listening and participating in debates for many years made me more aware of what are the current issues. Someone might ask that you can get the same information from listening to the news on television or internet, why to listen to debates then? Fair question!

Here’s why listening to debates will enhance your knowledge and will make you become a more logical and informed person.

Current issues: You definitely get to know what’s the burning topic in your country or around the globe. Whether or not it concerns you, it is still important to stay in touch of the recent happenings. Unlike, old days when you could have not commented or discussed about what you read, apart from the friends you meet in the evenings, nowadays there is plenty of social media tools where you can voice your opinion like FB, Twitter, Tumblr and many more. If you are really good at your logic and have a good hold on your communication, you will definitely be rewarded with retweets, words or likes. If you don’t like to be in the social media space at least you will learn many new things that you might not be able to when you surf on the internet or television.

Learn to counter: The most amazing aspect of listening to debates is certainly the art of developing how to counter, when to counter and what to counter. You will get to know that in a debate or discussion, it’t not always recommended that you interrupt as it is considered less civil and your image gets a beating. Hence it is crucial that you talk only when you have a certain point that the other person would have missed or had stated wrongly. Which means it could be a rhetorical statement and you can add facts to it. Shine instantly! People listen and relate to facts more quickly then simple plain rhetoric.

Stick to your thought process: In order to develop the art of countering and adding your point of  view you have to always be focused on what the current flow of the talk is. So, if you are talking about something that has been already discussed or the mediator had planned to discuss something at the end and you had brought it up much earlier that would not help you with the audiences. As people who are listening are actually investing their time in you which should be taken very seriously. Talk only what is current in the debate and don’t be an outlier. Because if you will talk about ‘Z’ when everybody is discussing about ‘C’ then people will stop listening to you and may even put you on mute on their television sets.

Listening is strength: Listening or participating in debates will also demand that you listen a lot. The problem with many people is that they don’t want to listen to others. That could be ego or could be your natural trait. But debates will change that for you. Hence, this will help you in analyzing and creating your thoughts based on what others had already shared. Helps you become more authentic and unique. Trust me listening is a strength that only a few possess.

Connect the dots in real-time: The best orators and debaters are the ones who will not be stubborn and stick to their points only but also listen to others and form their opinion. This way you are telling the world that I can dynamically analyze and I don’t speak the practiced speech. You will be more respected in this way and you build your personal brand in a way that everybody likes you. If you are authentic people will get to know about it.

Anybody can sit in a debate and say million of things or recite a whole story. But does it matter? No.

Majority of people only listen to what is said with conviction, covered with facts, short, simple and without desperation of proving a point. You can win a debate by just being yourself as people will still see through you soon as you open your mouth. So why to heckle anybody or be loud. It doesn’t help.

We all have either been or listened to debates or some of you might go to them soon. What are your thoughts, what is your USP, why would people listen to you more carefully. Share with us here.

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