Wait genius! you are in queue. Yes, you too.

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As a human you have always waited in the queue to reach to your final destination. It started with when you were your dad’s part and millions of your other siblings were before you. Miraculously you made it to the finish line. But this is just nature’s queue from which you have to go before you come out to the real world. No such miracles when you have come out to the world full of 8 billion similar people like you.

If you are not an elite you will wait in the queue. As an estimate, if you add the time spent in waiting in a queue, you would have spent definitely a few months of your life if not years waiting for your turn to come.


Yes! It is frustrating. Isn’t it? But if we think carefully, we have created these situations for ourselves. We are responsible for all these issues. Listen, there are only limited resources available here on earth but we keep on growing. Fine!  We are innovators and we will find ways  to create new resources and alternate solutions. But what will happen to the generation who kept on waiting for that invention to become available to them? Nothing! We will have to wait for our turn to come.

The point I am trying to get onto is, all issues that exist are due to the population growth of the world. Now since the space is not available in some of the big cities, they are expanding vertically. Lots of skyscrapers have blossomed in the last century and we are building more. Even higher. When that will exhaust we might go under the earth. We have already started doing that as well.

This madness should stop somewhere. Or else our coming generations will surely not be proud of what we had left for them.

Here are 5 ways we can stop waiting in a queue:

  1. Stop population by limiting 2 child birth in a home. China has been successful in implementing this policy to curb population growth which was growing at a dangerous pace in the 1980’s for them.
  2. Educate people about the repercussions of high population density.
  3. Governments and corporates should not hire people with more than 2 kids at home. Cruel, I know! but it is better than starving their kids as the resources are limited unless they plan to live on some other planet.
  4. Stop blaming governments and implement 2 child policy starting from your own homes.
  5. Think about the future generations. You can do it because you have a choice right now. Your kids or their kids will have no choice after 100 years when everything on this earth will become scarce like food, water, air etc.

Take a look at the below infographic image about earth’s population growth in the last 200 years.


Image Source: Unsplash

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