Tips to get first 1000 Twitter followers- Fast!

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You have decided to get onto social media. Congratulations! You are not too late. It is right now in it’s prime.

There are numerous reasons as to why people join social media. Some join it for fun, some for just being aware of the current affairs, and there are some who really mean serious business. The third category is the people who are either promoting their business on social media sites like Twitter, facebook, Pinterest etc. and then there are some who wants to earn a living by blogging.

As an entrepreneur I chose to write blogs and promote them on Twitter so that I can have hundreds of thousands of followers who believe in what I believe. If you are here on Twitter for promoting your company or product and want to get traction from millions of followers, you have to first get to the magical figure of 1000.

It is not difficult. Almost everybody reaches it. But on their own pace. Now, do you want to know how to get to your first 1000 followers the fastest way. Here it is:

  • Twitter follower policy: You can send as many follower requests till you reach 2000 following requests. According to the Twitter policy, you can only send 2000 follower requests before you move ahead. Basically, twitter wants you to first achieve 2000 followers before you can send any further following requests. To get to 2000 followers, it takes some time but you can rush through it and acquire the same followers early than other people. Here’s how you can do that.
  • Find your Niche: Send the request to connect to people in your niche. For example, as an entrepreneur and blogger, I would love to be connected with people from these hashtags: Entrepreneur, Entrepreneurship, Blogs, Blogger, Blogging, Writer, Author and many more.
  • Follow/Unfollow: Download an app called Crowdfire. This app tells you how many people you are following that are not following you back. These are the people you need to unfollow and then follow the new ones. The more quickly you do it the better for you. So, for example you are Following 300 people right now and you have 200 Followers. This means you are unnecessarily following 100 people who are not following you back. Unfollow them and follow the new ones. But how would you know whom to follow after you have unfollowed say 100 people. Follow people in the hashtags you are interested in. See who is commenting what and are they sharing intelligent comments on a post? Follow them as there is a good chance that they will show interest in your work too.
  • Trending topics: When you click on ‘Search’ on twitter, you will get top 10 to 15 trending topics. If you can associate your interest in any of these topics and share great tweets, it works wonders for you as there are higher number of people following those trends just like you and chances are they may get interested in you. There you go. You get followers much more rapidly then searching in your own hashtags and niche.
  • Mentor: Just like in any field, mentors are important here as well. Make sure that you follow at least one person whose article you like the most. Support their growth on twitter by retweeting their blogs/quotes etc. Once they are in, you are sure going to get a lot of other eyeballs from their thousands of followers.
  • Be consistent: Post frequently and post good articles. In the beginning when you don’t have much to share, go to Pinterest, tumblr, WordPress and many other blogging sites from where you can share great articles on Twitter. Retweet posts, articles, quotes on your page frequently and also consistently. Being consistent also tells everybody that you are serious and want to contribute in your own way here. Make sure that your recent 5 posts are the best ones. Because when people are interested in your profile, scroll to a maximum of 4 to 5 tweets that you had shared recently. Hence, choose your tweets wisely.
  • Be courteous: Please never forget to say a – “Thank you” to your followers. They are your currency in the social media world. Start a conversation if possible with the people you seem genuinely interested in. They will surely share their best practices. Their advice can work wonders when you are just about to begin.
  • Give, Give and Give: When you read a lot of blogs and articles on how to champion twitter and other social media sites, one thing that will surely come out to on the top. And that is to give, give and give. Share as many good articles as possible, always first give to people and there will come a time when people will accept you and your belief.
  • Twitter Bio: Your bio should be appealing and interesting. Personally, I would only follow people who had made sense in those 160 characters in their bio. So something like this is outstanding and I instantly send a request to connect.


Read this blog to know how to get a killer bio on twitter.

  • Schedule tweets: Once you are a pro in all of the above steps, you can now schedule your tweets to be automatically posted on your behalf even when you are sleeping. Take the help of HubSpot, Crowdfire and many other apps available that let you do this for free for the first 30 days at least. This will ensure that people know that you are always alive on twitter which in turns show your sincerity. If you go to these app’s dashboard, it will show you relevant metrics as to when you should post and when it is not relevant which saves a lot of time for you and your genuine followers.

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Share your journey and the great things you had achieved while trying to reach the first milestone on Twitter.


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