‘Follower’ is the new ‘Currency’!

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'Follower' is the new currency. Accept it first, then build trust, then call to action 'Buy'! Click To Tweet

Gone are the days when inheriting lots of property from your family, going to world’s reputed business schools and hitting a lottery is the sure shot and the only way to get wealthy and to have a secure life.

Welcome to the new age of Anypreneurship! I state this with a lot of care. Anyone and everyone can become an entrepreneur without the bar of age, ethnicity, first world citizen, and second or third world citizen or even if you live in space. You can write from anywhere on social media sites for FREE or host your product online and become an internet sensation. Gary Vaynerchuk, my favorite entrepreneur said it in one of his recent public appearances that if you can save the time of people in any way possible, you can become a great entrepreneur. On top of that let me add that Idea is nothing and execution is everything. There are various tools now available with which you can basically take your product from Zero (or nothing) to a Hero! You just need the right mindset, advice, and a zeal to take it to the end.

On Twitter and Facebook, you can market and blog about your product, on YouTube you can display a video on how your product works (this is the best medium as people always relate to a video first), and then use all other social media apps to create awareness about your product(s) in different ways. For example, promote your product using live video streaming app, Periscope. Make Vine, 6-second video to introduce your product, perhaps like a teaser advertisement.

As an entrepreneur, you need to understand how these tools can be used effectively for your own use. Every app and solution on social media can take you close to your final goal or product. But the most important part in any entrepreneurial dream or an online business is to gather as many eyeballs as possible to have more volumes of sales. Hence, from the very beginning of introducing your product to the world using a blog, you should also start to work on building your follower base or as I call it – your ‘Currency’. Next, the question is not how many followers you have, the question is whether those followers convert into leads.

From the very beginning of building your follower base, you should gather followers based on your common interests. Your followers are people who either make you a failure or a success. What do you do to ensure that your currency in the bank is safe and is growing? You keep it safe and not let it go in any way. You use all of your strengths and skills to earn more and to build your savings. Similarly, invest more on your followers to reap the benefits when it’s the right time for sales. How do you do that? Well, most of the entrepreneurs will tell you just the same point in their own different ways and that is to provide great content. Content that they(your followers) want to see, experience and use that for their own good. Not what you want to just throw away at them to show that you are alive on social media. That is a complete turn-off.

As a budding entrepreneur, I absolutely love social media and especially Twitter. Let me share 7 ways with which you can grow this currency:

  • Share common interests: Share, share and share as much as possible. But share for your niche or people with the common interest as yours. That is why most of the people who give great advice about how to win on social media would suggest that sharing content that your niche appreciates builds your personal brand much faster.
  • Be your own: Share and inspire people by your own style. You can get some followers by retweeting other’s tweets, but that will not take you too far. You know everybody has a great sense of evaluating you in less than a few seconds with the kind of tweets and content that you are sharing. So be as original as possible. It will also help you in staying on the course because somebody if not a lot of people will definitely see that you are struggling and will give you a great advice on how to steer yourself in social media. No one is a born ‘Guru’. Remember, social media has only begun some 10 years ago!
  • Stop Imitating: Build a follower base with authenticity and not by buying followers. That never helps, even if it does for some time, in the long run, it will not. Interested in knowing how to quickly add a lot of followers to your twitter account. Read this.
  • Get inspired and Stay in touch: Send messages, read their posts and appreciate their efforts. Learn from their great writing skills or their product. Remember, everybody who is doing serious business through social media had invested a lot of time and efforts in getting where they are at the moment. Respect it.
  • Right time zones: Be cognizant about the time zone you are in and your followers are and tweet accordingly. Basically, know when you should tweet or post. If most of your followers are in the same time zone as you are and you are tweeting at 3 am. I don’t want to say a word, what you are doing wrong!
  • Be brave and unfollow: Yes, it is the most difficult thing but really what’s the point in following somebody who is poles apart from your interests. We have seen that a lot on social media. You don’t even talk the same language and you are following each other. What? Yes, that’s true. Ideally you should unfollow people you can’t stay in touch because you just don’t align. This may be discomforting, but later both of you will agree that there was nothing similar about it, even though you both might be champions in your own specialities.
  • Be thankful: Just like in life, you are thankful to your friends that they do things for you and stay in touch with you in your good and bad times. Similarly, being thankful to your followers that they appreciate your work and give time to your content, should mean a lot to you. That is pure gold. Hence, be appreciative and grateful to your followers to be connected with you.


The point is if there is a win-win for you and your followers due to your actions. You are well on your way to becoming big. Simple isn’t it!

Do you agree with the above strategy of building your currency, your followers? Please leave a comment to share your views.

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4 Responses

  1. Lori Gama

    Hi Vivek. Loved your article. We are in agreement in our philosophies about the Internet, entrepreneurship (“Anypreneurship” – love that! it’s so true) and the currency of followers. I have a minor disagreement with one point: which comes first: trust or the follower? For a few years now, I have been “preaching” to my tribe that Trust Is The New Currency. I believe that people have to trust you first, before they decide to follow you. But I’m quibbling. 🙂 You and I are in agreement on the most important point you made in this great article: that followers (a community of fans, friends, followers) must be nurtured. Whatever was promised, must be delivered or the trust is broken and the follower usually moves on to invest their trust in someone more trustworthy. Great article!

    • Vivek

      Hi Lori, Oh my god! I am really sorry that I am replying so late to your comment. Really appreciate your kind words. You are right and I should have added in my article that any number of followers can follow you but if there is no trust between you and them, there is actually no use of having being connected.
      I am a fan already. Let’s stay connected. Are you blogging? I would love to read your blogs and articles.

  2. Anonymous

    Great article Vivek. The points you made are valid and have a lot of common sense to it

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