11 ways to CORRECT your Email Marketing

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According to some experts, Email marketing is dead! The reason why they say this, is quite logical. You have a website, it has a call-to-action on the landing page. Done. Nothing else is needed except the fact that you have to reach out to as many eyeballs as possible and believe that they convert into sales through your website/app.

On the contrary, let us say that Email campaigns are working for you. But then the potent question is, is it really working for you? Do we ever think what our subscribers or audience are perceiving our promotions as? Once we have our potential leads subscribe to our video, blog, newsletter etc, we have all the rights to screw their time by sending emails of our new post or video. Right? Sorry, NO!

If this is the way to get our potential customers to buy our product, it is also an excellent way to tell them, I don’t care for your time now that you have subscribed to my thing!

The technical argument is that your email campaign should have a great subject line(very catchy), message in the body is really the King(content), when is it sent and many more aspects. But would these things matter really when I had made up my mind not to read it. All your campaigns might get to my Inbox but they will be unread forever. Hence, the conversion really depends on what your audience had started to think about you. Period.


We should rather try and save their time by the way of our communication, I would suggest reach out to each and every subscriber through Twitter, Pinterest, tumblr or whichever social media site/app they are connected with you. By them, I mean our potential customers. Below are the ways with which we can either grow our list rapidly or bring it down drastically. All depends on the way you choose to communicate.

  • Limit text: Research has proved it time and again that emails are never read if there are more than 5 sentences. You must be nodding in agreement right now. Please go to any of your emails and try and read it. If it is more than 5 sentences, you will lose interest. Unless it is from J.K Rowling who can mesmerize you by her choice of words and magical story.
  • Stay human: Don’t send mass e-mails to sell your idea or product. It just goes directly to the trash at the end of the week. Why? Because you don’t understand the reason that I may have liked your Blog, Video at one point, but perhaps now I have given up because you are now behaving like a machine with me. Your posts are coming to me when you have published. Fine. But what’s next. In order to have a more organic relationship, I will go on to touch base once on social media one-on-one asking how is it doing? Am I liking the posts anymore or not? What can I do to improve your experience? And that is where the buck lies. Still don’t trust me! Look at your subscriber list growing fast and not coming down using this great technique. Technology is to make our tasks faster not to get cheated by anyone’s behavior. Stay genuine, stay with me as a person. Peace!
  • Freebies for your subscribers is an excellent way to keep your list of subscribers stay tuned to each and every communication coming from you. Drop in a mail for an offer that keeps them engaged.
  • Shining start: Your first line of the email does it for me. People stay or leave to read your emails if your very first line is engaging and not a repetitive jibe like in your previous emails.
  • Every word counts: Each word in your email is a make or break. Thinking that you are a pro would always give you a leeway to write and choose whatever words you like in your subscription email is a killer. Don’t be complacent. Choose your words wisely. It is also a given that the English(or any language used) should be impeccable. Hence the next point.
  • Grammar:  The last mistake to do is to be grammatically incorrect. Get rid of the grammar issues( correct it on Grammarly) and fine-tune your communication 100 times before you send it.
  • Feedback: Always ask for your feedback. Add a poll button at the top of your email that asks people if you still like reading this email. This way you get to know whether your emails are going to the trash or been read much before a subscriber becomes a customer.
  • Unsubscribe: The ‘Unsubscribe’ option is in such a small font that it’s impossible to find it without focusing a lot on your email. It should be highlighted clearly. The more time your reader takes to find it, the more it’ll make them restless and leave/delete the mail impulsively. Ask yourself when you have to unsubscribe from someone’s email subscription, do you not need this option in the first 2 seconds?
  • Mobile-friendly: The email campaign should be optimized for mobile and iPad. It’s not a hidden truth that people are reading your emails on the go whether they are in a subway, bus, airplane or anywhere. Hence, the choice of fonts and the size of fonts are very crucial.
  • What’s in it for me: Trust me, everybody thinks about their advantage in even skimming the email for 5 seconds, when they are reading your emails. They are subscribed to you because they are looking for something. Either they want to get inspired from yet another article of yours or they are looking for some great insights which will help their business/idea. Hence, before your blog post if you can add a great summary of your article, just a single line can give the reader a sense whether it will be beneficial for them to read it or not.
  • Factsheet for email marketing campaigns to help you build a great campaign. Infographic

It’s great to send subscribers your bit, but it is absolutely necessary to retain them and keep an organic relationship going. Hope the above techniques help you grow your email campaigns which convert to more sales leads. Let me know how it goes!

With every opportunity, comes a great responsibility. Don’t let the opportunity go away, just because everyone else is following a set method, may be a redundant and almost boring method!


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