How to read a blog in 10 seconds!

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  • Introduction
  •  A great book to read to help increase your speed
  • Which blogs to read and how?
    • Analogy with book reading
    • FaceBlog
    • Skimming, does it help?
    • Expert’s blogs
    • Device compatible
  • Conclusion


You read a lot of blogs every day to stay tuned to your niche and your area of work. Great! But have you ever thought that by changing a few habits in your daily reading you can save a lot of your crucial time and also become more successful as it is a ripple effect. Save time, which lets you do more work where your strengths are, and Bingo! You are well on your way to become successful. You know typically reading a blog takes 5 to 10 minutes. This article covers how to efficiently read  a blog. This not only saves your time but also let you know how to make the right decision of either to quit reading it or go on to learn a great deal out of it. Therefore, it helps you to be more productive by saving a lot of your crucial time.

Blogs are great. But reading them sometimes become overwhelming. Most of us work in day job and find time to work on our dreams after office. How can you save that time in researching, blogging, reading to be able to spend more time with your family? Successful bloggers, writer and entrepreneurs have mastered the technique to read efficiently and read fast to absorb the information fast and make fast decisions.

Books to read to increase your speed

There is a great book available for you to increase the reading speed. This book challenges you to practice speed reading so you can adapt to it as you go further. Excellent! I love this book from Peter Kump. Hope you will like it too.

Which blogs to read and how?

Analogy with book reading!

Read a blog like you read a book. You first see how important the headline is for you. If you really think the next 5-10 minutes on this blog will help you get what you are looking for then go ahead with it. Not just that, the Index of the book is also crucial with which you can jump onto the topic that interests you rather than studying from start to the finish of the book. Same way, in a blog the biggest selling point is, it’s headline, you can make out very quickly seeing the headline whether you should go ahead with this article or skip it. In a great blog post you will always find keywords highlighted, that gives you an advantage of extracting the information you are really looking for. This way you can save your time. Instead of wasting your time in skimming through the blog, look for the keywords, like in this blog post you are reading, I have used small highlights and headlines which you can just go through in 10 seconds and make up your mind if you really want to go ahead reading this or not. Interesting, isn’t it!


It happens all the time that the look and feel of the blog post either becomes annoying to your eyes or is visually appealing that you don’t want to miss it. The post’s text font and images don’t let you go till the time you actually dig into it. That is exactly what you should read and follow. But if the gut says, there is something not right. Leave it. There are hundreds of great blog posts available online. The face says it all!

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Skimming, does it help?

Everything doesn’t happen overnight. You could become a champion in reading a blog but it takes time to hone that kind of expertise to read. I hate the word skimming an article. Although, it might work for a few people. For most of us skimming an article basically doesn’t help. On the contrary, it wastes your time and you would come to know about it at the end.  But the time gone can’t be back. This strengthens the point that you should become a little more technical in reading a blog. Which means that instead of skimming, look for keywords that helps you make up your mind whether to go ahead with a blog post or not. Yes, skimming helps when there are no keywords and this article is written by a person you follow and couldn’t stop yourself from reading his/her post. Definitely then go ahead with it.

Expert’s Blogs

More often than not, most influential people only provide you the information that they want you to read. Fine, but there posts carry a lot of promotions which are basically a time waste for you if you are really not interested in them. No offense to anybody! but their posts are most of the time skewed towards the purpose of promotion, be it advertising of a particular product and bring as many eyeballs using great freebies and showing great things in their blog. Or it could be any other promotion related to their own blog. But, the biggest advantage is the insights they provide are valuable. Therefore, it is no doubt a great idea to read their blogs but follow again the rule of how good the headline is, highlighted items are great or not and whether the blog is visually appealing or not.

Device compatible

Some blogs may have great content but either they don’t open correctly on mobile devices like a smartphone or an iPad or they have too many ads that completely captures the article. Hence, don’t waste your time clicking the cross button on the top right corner of the pop-up every time they show up. They should not bother you from reading the article. Period. Your time is important and the writer has the responsibility to not to mess up with that. Also, the blog post should fit so well into the window of these handheld devices that it is very convenient to read them.


The point is, at the end of those 5 to 10 minutes spent reading a blog, you should feel empowered. Your time is important. Time is money. Imagine, you could have used this time in something important. Maybe writing blogs in the same time. Does this blog help you to think how you can become more efficient every day by following these skills? It helped me a great deal. As a blogger I need a lot of time to read, write and research. These are some of the great tips and tricks I had used to save my time and be more productive. Do you agree? How do you do it differently? Share it please.


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