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Like every business, creating a niche for yourself in the technology sphere is a challenging task. Right?! Not anymore. Unless you are a hardcore technology person who builds code, writes system programs or make algorithms for complex technology areas like artificial intelligence, cognitive intelligence etc, you don’t have to learn rocket science to be successful. So, the question arises what is left for me to do here. Welcome to the ocean of social media where everybody can make their mark, market their product, sell it and be a winner.

Not so long ago, we were accustomed to the traditional way of building an online business. Market it on newspapers, TV advertisements and billboards. But with the steep rise of social media and the strides it took in the recent years changed the rules of the game completely.

Therefore, if you are thinking of building your own business or even if you are in the process of promoting your business on other mediums, you can take advantage of social media which doesn’t cost a lot and is also completely up to you how you want to promote it and when you want to promote it. Take an example of Twitter and Facebook where you can market your dream business anytime for not a lot if you want to reach out to a lot of eyeballs.

Traditionally, many articles will tell you how you can leverage social media to be a successful business enterprise but I will share with you some rather unheard and nontraditional ways.

  • When to post: Many articles will tell you when to post on social media but since you are the one who is posting it, you should have a control on when you can actually – Post. Although, it is not a matter of choice when it comes to dual priorities like having a day job. If you are working on your boss’s assignment from 1 to 3 PM how can you post at that time on Twitter. But this is the beauty of some one like you who had solved this problem. Auto scheduling. Not bad at all. Hubspot, Crowdfire and many such apps let you post automatically even when you are working on the presentation in your office.
  • What to post:
    • Refrain yourself from posting some thing that doesn’t help you reach your goal.
    • If you can, add all your creativity to ensure that your posts, comments and replies provide a sense of you and take your audience a step(even if it is a minor one) closer to your business. For example, add your blog’s name in the post, it can be a one-word link that connects your audiences to your website.
    • Also, add positive words like success, win, first, advantage and your will see more engagement and interaction on your posts. Viewers will love it and you will soon get a bigger following.
  • Posting on Twitter: You can take advantage of twitter in many ways for your business and that means that can freely market your product. However, too much of promotion can actually mean no or very less engagement. This is why many experts suggest you should post when you get maximum advantage from it. The ideal time is 1PM to 3PM or maximum till 5PM. Likewise, you can use this link to know when is the best time post on all the social media apps/sites.
  • Give more :                                                                                                                                                       “You have to give away information snacks to sell knowledge meals.” – Jay Baer Provide a lot of value by giving information through your posts and comments. Eventually the people who are interested in your idea or belief will come to you and be interested in you on how you are able to help them achieve their own dreams.
  • Passion: is important for you to be able to sustain on social media. This is, and not to dishearten you, is a lot of hard work. But it is passion to market and promote your product that will differentiate you from your competitors in a big way.
  • Customer ‘Sir’vice: There are many companies who absolutely love their customers. It lives in their DNA. For example, Amazon. It is so easy to reach out to them and they make sure that all the reasonable requests of their customers gets fulfilled. Try and replicate that into your companies model. Provide such an exceptional service that people want to do business with you by word-of-mouth advice.                                                                                                                                         The Best advertising is done by satisfied customers: Philip Kotler Click To Tweet                                                                                                                                                                             Reach out to each customer using the social media to thank them and provide them updates about what’s new and upcoming in your business. 55% of consumers share purchases on social media. This goes to show that if you really care about your customers, they will help you grow it.
  • Think long term: Social media is going to stay here for long. In fact, soon it will become the number one job provider in the world. Therefore, instead of taking advantage of this platform for your idea or business to make quick bucks is actually a great idea but is also a short lived one. If you want to be consistently successful, you have to be relentlessly working on marketing and selling your product here with a long term goal in mind.
  • Stay Original: If you are copying somebody’s style because you think you can make quick money or get a rapid fame here in social media, you need to rethink. People can see through you. Look at the cream which had risen to the top like Jeff Bullas, Michael Hyatt and Pam Moore. They all became so big because they stuck to their own style and took advantage of social media.
  • Be Selective: You will soon realize while being on social media that perhaps everything is not meant for you. Certain apps provide certain kind of advantages only. If you are a professional photographer and want to take advantage of social media to grow your online customer subscriptions, you should promote it on Pininterest, Facebook and Instagram. But LinkedIn is not meant for you. Although you can create a company page there and find resources for your company from there. And if you are a Blogger, you will love to use LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and create great infographics on Pinterest for your blog posts.
  • Blogging: Writing blogs in support of your product or idea will be a great way to create a market that believes in your product with your depth of knowledge in that field of work. It is a great way to create a niche for yourself by having people engage with you, ask questions and discuss as much as possible based on the quality of the content.
  • Find a mentor: A expert in a particular field had gathered so much experience over the years that it can surely help you craft a great strategy on social media. Read their blogs, comments and reach out to them to share your interests with them. If they are in, it will help you create a solid brand. This is also a smart way of doing things then spending years and years of work in your area of expertise.
  • Be active almost always: Even if you are on vacation, you can spend 10 minutes to stay in touch with your niche and group to see what people are talking about your product or about your field of work. Something is always better than nothing.
  • Innovative: People relate to innovation more than existing a product which although provides value is now short of their aspirations. Updating your product constantly and changing the way it is displayed through your blog and the way it is been written in posts, blog posts and on your blog is a great way to let people know that you keep evolving over the time. And you are constantly thinking about your customers satisfaction.
  • Email subscription: After gathering a lot of subscribers through your blog posts and blog subscription, it is time to retain these customers and keep them engaged by providing value. How can you ensure that your email marketing plan is great and instead of people unsubscribing, people actually spread it more to their friends. Read my blog on Email marketing that helps you do that.
  • Mobile advertising: The handheld devices like phones and tablets advertising market will grow to $95 Billion by 2018. Focus on advertising your product accordingly. Flow with the waves and you can get the leverage out of this on a great deal. Source: StartupsFM

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