11 words to use consistently on social media

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Like me, I am sure you must have read a lot of blogs and articles. I absolutely love reading passionate and wonderful blogs on all topics. In my observation while reading any article, I found that a set of words can bore me very quickly no matter how engaging the content is. But, if the choice of words is filled with fabulous words, I would read it over and over again. Hence, it is quite evident that some of the successful writers use words, yes, some specific words, which makes a reading whole lot different than something filled with a lot of data and insights.

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Ever wondered why some people that shine on social media choose what to say and using what words they use when they write and speak . Here are some of the most impactful words that can change how people perceive you.

  1. Magnificent
  2. Marvelous
  3. Awesome
  4. Fabulous
  5. Wonderful
  6. Passionate
  7. Great
  8. Extraordinary
  9. Successful
  10. Sensational
  11. Confidence

Andrea Gardner provides a great idea of changing your words can change your life. 

The point is, stay away from using negative words like pathetic, preposterous, loser, failure and I think you get the point now. People have a positive impact when you talk positive. Unless the context demands, we should stay away from negative words and sentences.

Your reader deserves a great time when they are reading your content.

But as usual, let me contradict myself by saying that all great people use a mix of both positive and not so positive words wisely. This truly makes their content or speech, extraordinary. As a positive person I would today stick to some positive words only.

Just like in a great dish, the right kind of ingredients make all the difference, so is for an article. Every write up becomes so sensational with the use of great vocabulary and amazing words.

So, how does the usage of these great words help in your writing and professional life:

Looks stunning: Appearance is everything. Your blog will look great, sound great and instantly leave a great impression on the readers.

Provides substance: Use of these words not only makes the right noises but also brings\ a sense of calmness to the reader. Just like a great movie in which you can’t bear negativity and cool things for a long time, same way in a article, as a reader I want my experience to be a fantastic one. Something that after a low and high of content soothes my brain with positiveness.

Lasting impression: I tend to remember a blog that makes me feel good till the very end. Like different great sounding words are sprinkled in it everywhere with a sense of purpose.

Your personality: Using these awesome set of words tells your reader about the kind of person you are. By you, I mean the writer. There are several examples of these kind of writers, read blogs from Michael Hyatt, Jeff Bullas, Rebekah Radice and many more like them who not just inspire you from the kind of content they publish but the usage of their words in their articles.

Lots of word-of-mouth: People more than usual share content that sounds good and feel good. They can relate to it and hence they show their trust in it. These are articles that usually work more from what people discuss about them.

My personal favorite is the word Confidence, this is one such word that if you have used wisely in your article, gives a great feeling to the reader. Just try it yourself. So if you read the previous line again with the word confidence in it. You will instantly feel something good. It is such a powerful word.

What do you think about this article? Would using a great set of words regularly in your blogs or articles brought you a ton of viewers? I bet it did. Share here your ‘Fabulous‘ words. Words that you primarily like to use.

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