20 Tips to get 5K Twitter followers

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Not so long ago I have become a social media fanatic and specially twitter, more because of the need to promote my startup idea and also to showcase my talent in blogging. Twitter for me is a great tool to present your product in as fewer words as possible. Which is good as it saves time for everybody. Because if you carefully notice, nobody is interested in a one long page advertisement campaign. People lose interest in your idea after they complete the first sentence. Hence, present your best words in the first sentence in 140 characters on twitter.

My passion to get as many twitter followers, but only genuine and not paid followers had become an obsession. Although, having 5000 twitter followers in about 2 months is not a very big achievement but it’s not that bad as well.

What you are showing to the world on twitter is more important than anything else and determines how many and how fast you will have twitter followers. People who like your tweets and posts. And as it is a sharing world, I tend to like as many tweets and posts as possible that allows my schedule on twitter.

But, how did I do it? Let’s see how I amassed 5000 followers in less than 2 months.

  1. Be crazy: If you really want to achieve extraordinary, you have to invest extraordinary. Click To Tweet  I worked hard and was on twitter literally all the time. Now, this doesn’t mean that I was posting every second but I was definitely connected and made it a priority in my 24 hour day. Tweeting quotes, re-tweeting and liking tweets that you really like but in a controlled manner. Like 3 to 4 times in an hour. Which conveys a message that you are active but not desperate. This is exactly the reason why people would connect with you. Rest of the time I was researching as to how to make tweets sound better, add better images and create a great pool of people who can RT my tweets.
  2. Share, share, share: People like the fact that you are a sharing machine. If you share and share good quotes, articles, informative materials, pictures, videos and much more, people will really like to know if it belongs to their niche or interest area. It also tells your audience that you are always active and want to be alive in the twitter world.
  3. Follow back: I followed people back. 100% time. Apart from a few accounts who are on twitter for a different reason, I literally love to follow people back. But I also ensured that I just don’t blindly follow anybody. Almost 99% of my followers are genuine and they want to interact.
  4. Create great stuff: Writing blogs, sharing great quotes and almost anything that your niche respects and accepts is a great idea to provide to the twitter world. You may not become an overnight star on twitter but definitely people would appreciate your efforts that you are contributing to a certain niche in your own ways. Besides, creating great stuff is so fulfilling as well, as it gives you a creative liberty that nobody can charge you for it.
  5. Meaningful interaction: Unless you are making sense and contributing your ideas on other’s tweets by providing your comments or re-tweeting their tweets, please don’t bother people. It would not help much. But if you are really insightful or providing a great contrary argument, people can see through your ideas and should surely appreciate it and 100% would like to follow you. Time is money for you and for everybody, Make sure that you provide value to both. Click To Tweet
  6. Time to post: As you grow yourself in the twitter world, you would know that sharing at some particular times when your niche really is alive will make a whole lot of difference. It is usually recommended that you should post between 1 to 3 PM on twitter but my observation proved that posting in a regular interval of time i.e 3 to 4 times every hour would be more beneficial.
  7. Write your mind: Most of the people want to follow you because you stay what you are. If you are consistent with that kind of approach, people will definitely see that you are somebody who believe in what believe and share that.
  8. Be ready to change: If due to some reasons, you are not getting enough follower requests, then change your strategy. Learn from entrepreneurs. If they can’t do it with a certain plan. They change their path but still reach their goal. Because there are 100 ways of doing a single thing and you just need one out of them to be right.
  9. Develop rapport: Try and develop a camaraderie with your audience. Everybody needs to know who you are, what you do and how you can help them achieve their dreams. And since your audience is most of the times people from your niche it becomes even more important that you interact with them and build an environment of trust.
  10. Marketing: If you want to be successful in social media, think of yourself as a brand. And all you need to do is promote this brand and ensure that it always provides value to people. 100% people would want to follow you and want to know more about you.
  11. Be global: Build your profile not just on Twitter but on all the platforms. Are you on Pinterest, Instagram, StumbleUpon yet? Do it. People would want to come from these platforms to your twitter account as well.
  12. Influence the influencers: The more you reach out to the influencers in your niche, the better it is. As they have insights that can take your social media presence from Zero to Hero. These people have built credibility over the years and would definitely like to help you provided you have the zest for it. Mentioning them in your tweets is also a great way to tell people that you respect the views and are sharing their ideas with everyone.
  13. Patience is the key: There will be times in your hustle to reach and acquire many followers, when you nobody will send you a follower request. Be calm and patient and keep sharing, posting at these times. And then there will be time when many follower requests will come unexpectedly. You will be really surprised.
  14. Rival check: Look for what people in your niche are doing. What are they posting, when are they posting and why are people commenting on their tweets. This will give you a sense of what are you doing wrong or right in your approach.
  15. Share responsibly: No one want to associate, at least not the serious people in the business, with you if post porn related stuff or something that is out rightly condemnable.
  16. Get insights: At the end of the day, choose about 20 minutes of time in going through your posts of the day. Check to see which posts are making rounds and why. What words you have used, do they sound good. These insights will protect you from posting anything which is of no use. As useless post might bring your list of followers down.
  17. Positive vibes in all your tweets: Ensure that your tweets sound great. They have positive language in it. Negativity even though might look cool for sometime, doesn’t go too far. Fortunately in social media. Here people like what touches their heart and is value to their reading time.
  18. Scheduling tools: There are many tools that you can take advantage of to auto schedule your tweets. For example, my personal favorites are Hubspot, Buffer and Crowdfire. These tools not just post for you when you are sleeping in fact gives you real good insights that twitter still can’t.
  19. Read a lot: In order to be able to write great tweets and invite a lot of followers, you got to read a lot from others in your industry or area of interest. When you present great facts like any great blogger does in its blogs, you are surely looking for people getting associated with you quickly
  20. Last but not the least, it’s not the end of the world: Although, it is your goal to reach 5K or 10K or more followers in a certain period of time but it is still not the end of the world. Don’t give away your sleep, food and family time to be always stuck to your phone and posting. Prioritize your priorities better and you will always right amount of time for your sharing posts.

But in the end, as a self contrarian, I asked myself. Why am I amassing so many followers? And the answer I always get is not to take anything from my followers but to give. I want to help as much people as possible to achieve their dreams. Hence, take great pride in achieving this figure as it is hard work and this might not be the end of it but the beginning of your great journey into social media.

If you help others achieve their dreams, you are one step ahead already. Click To Tweet

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