How to gain maximum from social media

Why are you on social media? Have you ever asked this question to yourself. Imagine for a minute that all the internet goes down for a few days. Now, ask yourself, how will it impact you? If you are giving your time everyday in your smartphone to apps like twitter, Facebook, Instagram and many others, then what is the reason why you want to be there?

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Just like any field of knowledge, social media is a sea of great, not so great, good, not so good, bad and even pathetic media available on the internet.

Twitter is a great example of how you can either benefit a lot(if you stay focused) or get lost into the tweets of people who have the art of deceiving people by the choice of their words or images and videos they share. The purpose of coming onto social media is to be clearly laid out before you even open an account. If you are an entrepreneur, look for lists and groups on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest who are not just entrepreneurial but also specific to your area of interest. Or else you can get lost and spend a lot of time reading, researching and watching something that doesn’t have anything to do with your goal.

Keep a watch

Many a families have been struggling to cope in this era of internet and social media. The reason being, from  your kids to elders, everybody is on these sites and everybody is apart due to it. Hence, train your family and first of all yourself to stick to a schedule as to when you want to be on social media. It’s a 24-hour free shop where you can write, read and do everything possible, which is the the most luring aspect of it.

Read what experts say

We learn a great deal from books, blogs, Vlogs and from social media everyday. We form opinion which helps us reach our goals or at least help us to get there faster. Hence, it is essential that we connect to what the experts in our niche are writing or talking about. Of course, we should not copy anybody and should stay unique in whatever we create but an inspiration and awareness from a person who literally knows more than you of that field empowers you and puts you on a great path for success.

Be open and connect with people/Influencers

Don’t be a passive social media user if you are anyways on social media. It’s great to be on, say twitter and tweet relevant stuff that you think will work as a consensus creating tweet or just follow a influencer who tweets/shares great stuff that empowers you with even more greater knowledge than the one you have. If you disagree or agree with them, comment on it. It builds credibility. And with that comes more substance to your area of work. Great value for your time.

Follow the right people

If you are a beach person, don’t post pictures of mountains or desert. The analogy is simple. If you like somebody, you like them because you like their ideology, tweets, posts and information they share. Hence, connect with only them. It’s simple to get convoluted. And, who doesn’t like a great amount of followers but that’s where you should stop yourself and ask why are you social media? What’s the objective? If the objective is to gather as many eye balls as possible then yes! go ahead and follow and connect with as many people. But if you want to stick to your niche and share and learn from them only, then don’t worry about the number of followers or connections.

Challenge the Status-quo

When you understand the way social media works, you will learn that too many people will try to put you into a world of standardization. Stay away from the blah blah blah…And this is where and why I disagree with many pseudo intellects. Challenge their opinion. Come out of that world and create your own on social media – twitter, Instagram and so many. And you know social media is a great democratic world. It’s a world where the person who challenges the status-quo backed with great substance, will be awarded and made an overnight hero!

Have an opinion

It’s very important that your readers get to know exactly where and why you are going. Keep it clear. Also, don’t try and show the world that you know everything. No one knows everything! It is been proved time and again. So, it’s critical to have an opinion of your own and stick to it and ensure again that it helps you stick to your larger goal to be on social media.

Be passionate

Your passion shows in everything you share, tweet and post on social media. People can see and understand where you are going. Hence, the more passionate you are the better the interaction and engagement is. Being passionate is like living your dream on your own terms. You can go a long way and definitely succeed like many others if there is a fire inside that ensures that your whim is always satisfied by the kind of work you do on social media.

Stay away from mediocrity

No offence to anybody who is not able to post great stuff. But it’s just that if you have a purpose on social media then it’s great, otherwise it is anyways not meant for everyone. Some people are there just to pass their time. If you ask them why are they tweeting, what they are tweeting. The answer is – ‘I don’t know’! Really! But does it concern you. Yes, it should. Because these are the people who are great agents of confusion, they will be wasting your time and basically drag you as much as possible in the lows of social media as they can.

In a nutshell, if you are on social media and are still not focused on what you want from it. You are plain and simple, wasting your time. Go and spend your efforts somewhere it helps. But if you have made up your mind and you know that social media can be a great tool to help you to take you to your goals. You are absolutely in the right place! Go follow your dreams.

Good luck!


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