The impressive NOWistic nerds!



All great things happen from being in the ‘Now’ world!

The ‘Now’ generation

Today’s generation and we are talking about the generation of 2016, who are also reshaping the path for us, are already crushing it. They need everything ‘now’, right now! Like an impatient kid. It might be stupid to think like this 20 years ago, but not today. This generation is impatient and impulsive in a good way. If you wanted to develop a website 20 years back, you would have to wait many days if not months to get it done. Today it is a matter of hours. Some nerds do it in minutes. And guess what, these services starts from only $5 on Fiverr. Somebody with great reviews on this site will do it for you in 1000 times less amount than what a traditional software company will do it for you. They will design, code and make it work so seamless for you that you may not have imagined. The new software companies of the ‘now’ era are operating from the garage, basements and college dorms with most of the times, a single person team.


The ‘Now’ dominance

It’s not competition; it is competence that is now taking us forward. No cut throat competitions, just plain and simple skills and a bit of hustle. And it has made all of us to adapt. It’s one of the best times to live if you have a dream. Why? Not because you can be socially active and provide value. It’s beyond that. With value you also have to be cool and unbelievably innovating 24/7. If you really have the zeal to grow and shine in the world of social, all you need to do is search on google, yahoo or Quora on how to do it. Nobody can tell you how to dream or what to dream but many people can tell you how to execute it if you have a dream. But you have to be quick, you have to have the energy of a teen to do something like this today or someone else will create it before the blink of an eye. This generation knows what they need to create and where their interests are. The inception of Facebook, LinkedIn, SnapChat, and Twitter is not just a mere co-incidence. It’s a message to us that anybody- a college dropout or a student who could never score beyond D can build an app and become an overnight success. It is happening and it is happening right now and is happening with some mighty pace. Age is no bar. People in their teens are coaching people in their 40’s how to code and how to make your thing go viral. Are we listening to this sea of change, attentively? Well, maybe not. Or even if some of us are, hardly anybody can do anything about it. These are the new age entrepreneurs, who trust their skills and gut rather than what ‘dad’ is telling them that they should do in their lives.

The ‘Now’ speed

Each time I had an idea in mind, I get very excited but my dream is short lived. Soon as I type that in google. Somebody has already built it. I have used Airbnb quite frequently in the past few years when it just began to scale in 2012/2013. Based on their excellent sharing idea, I was thinking a few weeks ago to create a website which lets you swap homes with somebody. If I live in Philadelphia and planning to travel to somewhere in Europe in the coming few months, I just have to go to  Love HomeSwap and check to see if somebody from that place is coming to Philly at the same time. And swap my home with his. Brilliant idea isn’t it! But it’s already TAKEN! Not just that, it has some serious competition from sites like Knok and CasaHop. You got to start and start building it right now. Because even before you exhale your next breath, somebody else will create it and beat you with first mover advantage. This is the power of this nerd generation. They are faster than the speed of light and why shouldn’t they be?

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Survival of the Now’est

Therefore, ultimately the winner is the one who lives in the ‘now’ world. The trend has changed into the direction of the one who can adapt quickly to the changing needs of the world. If you used to be a great company till sometime ago and were spending a percentage of your revenue in advertising using traditional platforms like TV, Posters and Freeway Billboards, which by the way used to happen 15 years ago, not anymore(at least it doesn’t work anymore), you are basically going to go out of business soon. Buyers are not buying primarily from the advertising they see on these mediums. Instead everybody is now buying everything from the 4 inch device they have in their hands 24 hours. All they are doing is checking what people have rated in their review on Yelp or google. Right time to hire a nerd who can transform your advertising and marketing into today’s buyers. This is a serious balancing act of supply and demand with an intent to save time as much as possible and use it in other better ways.

The world is becoming small and businesses are evolving accordingly. You have to have a young, innovative 20 or 30 something sooner than later with entrepreneurial thinking on your team to compete in the market or prepare to bid adieu.


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