How to know you can become an entrepreneur!

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At the core of an entrepreneur’s psychology is believing and seeing more opportunities than others, coupled with risk taking abilities not normally found in a non-entrepreneurial DNA. Hence, the differentiating factor is the number of risks as an entrepreneur you can take and then believing that these risks will yield great results at the end.

Almost all the startup founders are either school or college drop-outs. These are consciously taken, mostly non-calculated risks that may or may not give them success. But they still do it. 1 out of every 3 startup fails and more than anybody the startup founders themselves know this.

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So why do you want to jump off a cliff when you know the chances of survival are less than 30%. This is where a lot of factors come into picture including family support or instead sometimes no support to take such risks, no interests in academics and most importantly the feeling of “I want to leave a legacy and can’t follow what others tell me”.

For most of the female entrepreneurs, the reasons are even more intense. They don’t want to earn less just because they are not born as a male. This is a cruel fact of our society still for working women and yes we are talking about a society of 2016.

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You will definitely identify yourself with the below reasons as to why you are right in thinking that you have an entrepreneur DNA:

  1. You find opportunity in everything that you do and believe in it by your heart.
  2. Your passion to achieve your goals is unmatchable. Hence, you stand out and deliver it.
  3. You hate mediocrity and only believe in the best when it comes to your ideas. You can’t be content very easily
  4. You perseverance level is way too high than others when it comes to executing your dreams as your idea is your oxygen
  5. You are great at connecting dots that gives you insights on whether to pursue something or not
  6. You are a go-getter and just can’t let an opportunity go. To become a go-getter you definitely need a lot of guts and a strong belief in your abilities
  7. You value partnerships and believe that everybody on the team has something unique to contribute to the success of your startup
  8. As you are not good in academics, the only thing left for you is to imagine your dream can come true if you persist and firmly pursue it
  9. You can’t afford education in today’s difficult times but you know that the world of internet is available to earn a living and you believe you have a selling point as well that can sell big
  10. If you are working in a company and you can’t keep up with the work even though you have scored well in your college in the same subject
  11. You like to be your own boss and dream of starting your own business one day even if you know that you don’t have any money to do it
  12. You can’t quit if you like something. Even if you fail in it when you started it but you simply refuse to leave it forever. You are not a quitter!
  13. You believe in problem-solving. You can’t be the same when you see a problem is there and you need to not just solve it but deliver an outstanding solution for it.
  14. You believe and see what others can’t right now. You have a vision and you want it so badly to implement it, come what may
  15. You are at the peak of your confidence when you think you can convert this dream of yours into reality and believe that everything is possible
  16. You believe in building a legacy that future your generations can feel proud about
  17. You believe that you have so much to give to the world by creating something unique
  18. You are relentless in your pursuit of your dream and a hustler. Any work is possible for you if you have your heart in it
  19. You don’t believe in status-quo. You can’t follow in a herd and can’t be told the routines. You want to build something of your own by break conventional strategies.
  20. Your threshold of taking risks is higher than others and can go to any level of hardships to convert them into success
  21. You are a doer than just a talker. While people say they can do this and do that, you are of the view that my work will speak for itself one day
  22. Honestly, you like money a lot. Because if you are successful as an entrepreneur, money will pour from all sides

The above points may prove that you can become an entrepreneur but does it mean you are any less intelligent than others? No, not really! Because isn’t going to top notch schools and colleges still an ultimate goal of any student? True, but aren’t most of these institutions are regulated to impart education so you can follow principles in life to become successful and to get jobs ultimately? Of course, no doubt that this same education makes you knowledgeable and empowers you to choose a great career.

Entrepreneurs can’t fit in a curriculum based system. Also, an entrepreneur doesn’t care what his peers think of him. There is an eternal trust in their own abilities that keep them pushing towards their goal without actually looking for motivation outside.

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So what separates entrepreneurs from other people? Is it only their risk taking abilities or believing in their own abilities so much strongly than others. Or is it something to do with their cognitive thinking and their IQ level. The cognitive ability of entrepreneurs is still a very debatable topic and a lot of research is still going to come to a conclusion that all entrepreneurs have high IQ.

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