Our tryst with revolutionary new technology(s)

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The best part of living in these times is that you don’t need to be physically present in all the places you have to be. Technology is making us rethink the old way of living, working and possibly reshaping our whole 24 hours. Like your office, traveling for vacation and possibly also if you want to marry somebody from another country. Whoops.. That’s a little too much! But it’s a fact, and people are getting married online due to physical distances, also called ‘Proxy marriages’.

The world has changed so rapidly in the last 30 years like it has never in the last 5000 years. All because of technology and our capacity to use its true potential. Business and startups have sprung up catching up to this revolution. This is even greater than the industrial revolution that took place 200 years ago.

Internet and social media is the one country we all live in. It gives us jobs, happiness by keeping us connected and pushing us way faster to innovate than ever before. The whole paradigm of businesses has changed. Unless you are North Korea, who refuses to share anything with the rest of the world, we all live in just this one country and are connected due to this path-breaking social media revolution.

In the last 2 decades that is starting from the 90’s the means of working for a private enterprise have completely changed. It has never happened before that you actually physically live in India but working full time for a company in US. Our world has shrunk to its best ever. The only way forward is to innovate more by using the potential of social media and technology. And we should be thinking of innovative methods to help eradicate poverty, hunger and terrorism from the world using technology.

Anybody can now earn as much they want based on their skillsets, all day long through the internet. The world is becoming more and more transparent and competitive. However, more and more competency based than demographic based. Markets are now open 24 hours for business.

We might never meet our closest neighbor in ages but we have more than 1000 Facebook or Instagram friends whom we don’t care where they live, but mostly care how they look, where are they traveling, what are they wearing, what are they discussing, who are their friends and so on. This is the revolution of another kind. This is like we are chasing each other to get a step ahead.



To join the bandwagon of social media is yet another wave of revolution that has hit us– Artificial Intelligence and virtual reality. Both are not entirely new subjects and we have been studying about it from our school days feeling excited about how our world is going to change soon in the future. Artificial Intelligence is helping us develop self-sustain robots.

Not just this, companies like Emotiv are building devices controlled by cognitive ability of our brain and controlling all the devices nearby us by what we can think. However, this field has not seen so much rapid innovation in the recent years but many companies are working on making it a reality. The introduction of drones in all parts of our urban lives is not new. Amazon has started delivery using drones and there are numerous other examples where they will prove to be detrimental to our growth as humans.

I have a strange feeling that humans will not need to do any physical activity by the end of this century. If a bot is going to do everything for me, if I don’t have go anywhere for work or travel, if I don’t have to move my hand to click a mouse and keyboard keys, what are we going to do then? But then, we might be thinking about reaching out to different galaxies, planets, finding new ways of life at other places (aren’t we now completely bored of the earth!), things that possibly keep us engaged and push us for more innovation. This is the real gist of our DNA. Keep pushing ahead. Technology will keep evolving like us.

With Virtual reality, you don’t even have to be physically present at a certain place and you can still find yourself sitting in a conference room with your colleagues from different parts of the world. Fascinating, isn’t it? It would probably end the culture of sitting physically in office buildings. It is happening and happening right now in 2016.

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Giants like Google, Facebook, Samsung and Apple have already embraced the concept of VR and introduced or will introduce in the near future, the VR consoles. It’s a tectonic shift again with the introduction of VR and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the field of technology. These two fields of massive innovation will generate more jobs in the coming 2 decades than anything else as they will become our necessity. The counter-narrative is- how good are these new technologies for us? Will AI replace humans and bots will take over? Will we see bots dictating our 24 hours to keep us healthy and safe? Or will they overpower us, even in thinking? All these questions are really interesting and we all will be eagerly looking to these answers unfolding in not so distant future.

Google is not just making new generation bots, they are researching on making these bots think from themselves in not just real complex situations but also thinking how they can innovate and think themselves. Google’s CEO, Sundar Pichai described it briefly in one of his recent speeches at Google I/O 2016.

There will definitely come a day, when we all, the 8 billion soles on this planet, will be connected through social media and virtual reality. That day will surely make this world one country.

Are you ready for this revolution or are you tired of posting on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter and think it is just waste of time? If that is the case, wait for just some more time because like smartphones and social media have changed us and made us their slaves(in a good way), very soon VR and AI will take us over as well. For our good or bad in the long run is something we need to wait and see.

Brilliant and pathbreaking new technology(s) are waiting to take over our world. Are you game?

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