If an outstanding CONTENT IS trash, then who is THE ultimate KING

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You are!

Yes, you, the writer of the content is the real king. Content is just a reflection of your thoughts and your ideas in the form of storytelling.

Value driven 

What’s indeed interesting is the message that you want to convey through it. Your content is the idea that supports your thoughts. If it is really inspirational, people will appreciate it. Who cares what the language, vocabulary and the length of the article then really is? Focusing on the value provided by this content should always be your focus.

Here are some of the reasons why at least I would definitely read your article:

  • If the beginning of your article keeps me thinking what’s about to come, it is surely a fantastic article and I would love to read. Read a related article on this topic.
  • The article gives me exactly what I need and I don’t have to type ‘Google’ in another tab and look for the same information for which I landed to your blog post. I came searching for a particular information and if your article can provide me that, it is a win-win for both of us.
  • It has beautiful and eye-catching images or embedded videos which help me visualize the article and its relevance on the topic.
  • If your article doesn’t have the same theme and order as found in another million of blog posts. I would love to see your brave side. Meaning, I would love to see how you can be different from others and would love to read your content.
  • If your article is like a human who wants to sing, dance and be a little funny at times. That would surely keep me in the game as all of us do get bored easily since most of the articles have the same repetitive style of writing.
  • If you are humble in the delivery of your message and not overly arrogant or pretending to be a genius and hellbent on trying to just prove your point of view. If you are balanced and appreciate the contrary view. This makes me believe that I am reading an article which is written by a person who respects other’s view as well.
  • Your tone of the words used is enthusiastic and not dull, negative, formal or inspired from the articles written in stone ages!
  • The article flows naturally and sounds like a story being told in a very subtle way. It’s as if you are talking to me but through words written in the form of a letter.
  • If your article is free from any kind of biases and is free from fear. Fear, that somebody might feel bad or get offended. Your content is your choice and idea that you are sharing with the world.

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  • If your article is not influenced or copied by someone’s style and is completely your own imagination and also authentic, boy would I love to read that article!
  • Last but certainly not the least, your fascinating flair of communication through your style of writing will definitely attract a lot of people.

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Imagine your article as a company. When a company starts operating, it has a mission and a vision statement. Add the same kind of mission and vision statement to your article with a great choice of words(Read: 11 words to use on social media) and it’s theme. People will be able to relate to it and will definitely like it if the vision and mission of it help them become more informed.

Your idea behind writing any article will naturally get amalgamated in the article.From the start to the bottom of it, every word and sentence converge to one point, the theme of your article. That, in essence, is a great article. But you are the one who can make this true. Hence, it is fine if your writing style is a rebel than a follower of an influencer. Carve your own path, don’t follow unless you really like admiring someone due to their style. Or it can be coincidental as well that you might write exactly like somebody else.

The breaking of status-quo is not merely owned by the entrepreneurs, but great writers too. If you are doing what others are doing, then you will end up in the crowd and the crowd now is really big. The number of blogs that exist only on Tumblr alone is now more than 290 million in 2016. How many of them are actually getting any attention? Very few, isn’t it!



Your blog may or may not be very attractive(if it’s visually appealing, it’s always an add-on), but it can still be read and it all depends on the interests of the readers and your niche. You need to be constantly updating your blog and add something that is missing in most of your competitor’s blogs.

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