Change and Innovation bring fear, opportunity, and growth


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There are two ways we are exposed to change, either by our own choice or change been thrust onto us by external forces.

Change is possible if we have the intent for it. It can be forced upon us due to external forces and situations. It can also be adapted by us if our desire to change in life exceeds any other priorities in life. It is simple yet difficult at the same time.

Factors that decide change to occur

We could identify these reasons as some of the most important reasons we want need a change:

  • We know somewhere in our hearts that we are not doing great presently even though people keep telling us that we are, but we don’t believe them. We know that something is not making sense and we have to move on and change ourselves to satisfy our whim.
  • Growth in career could be very delusional if we haven’t mastered the art of measuring it against a standard or against our counterparts. It is as if you had always blindsided yourself from the truth and the fact that exists today.
  • When we are constantly pushed by external pressure to perform, to learn more or just to protect our lost identity.
  • If we are vulnerable, we will definitely change. Because there is no other way to go and we have to face those problems. And this way even though it may not feel good in the beginning, it will be the right way to proceed further. Read this great TED Blog on the importance of Innovation. 

 Change and Innovation in social media



Twitter and somewhat LinkedIn too has been the culprit of not able to change/innovate when it is most required from them. One strong reason is, somewhere in their respective think tanks, they believe that they have amassed a huge amount of users (Twitter roughly 325 million and LinkedIn around 420 million), had crossed the chasm and reached the early adopters and possibly even late adopters stage.  A few decades ago, when Google and Yahoo started as search engine rivals, yahoo also used to think it could own the search market. We know without innovating and adapting to changing internet landscape, what has happened to them. They are on a brink of a sellout or being acquired anytime now.

On the other hand, Google, Facebook, and Apple are innovating and are open to the new ways of interacting by their immaculate designs and constantly updating search parameters, functionalities, and incredible looking devices. And that shows in their current growth. These companies attribute their growth to change, innovation and constantly adding fresh talent. The resources are the ones who actually run the show.

Companies are merely a reflection of how great the people working in them, think and how adapt the leadership is to embrace change.

The impact of someone’s been able to change is not just to that person itself but it also resonates with all the people they are in contact with. So, it’s definitely contagious. A person, who is ready to change, has the ability to inspire others by his actions.

Importance of Change for a country who has to make a decision

The election season which has created a lot of stir recently adds on to prove this point, that as a leader, you need to innovate and accept the ever modifying- America. Although, I absolutely don’t support the final GOP nominee but I believe he has the tenacity to do things differently. Please note, I am intentionally not mentioning this person’s name in this post as I believe that using his name is also adding to his publicity, however it also helps me as my post will be read by millions(that is a cheap trick and I disassociate myself from that), I would rather picture him as just another candidate in politics who should be entering into politics to serve people and not spread hatred. But everyone has the shades of grey and there is a great thing about him too, he adapted to the needs of the people when others just followed the same line of offense and defense. He is winning because people need freedom from corruption and same old policies that politicians enact; and not necessarily because he is saying the right things. Now, nobody has stopped the other nominees to follow suit. It’s their personal choice and sometimes in a few cases it’s got to do with aptitude as well. They don’t have the aptitude to be different, as simple as that.

Therefore, it is right to infer that, to win, we first need to believe we can be different which is always refreshing and welcomed by people, whatever the end result would be.

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America still has a great chance to support the person who is more innovative, experienced, and want to unite people rather than dividing them. And there will be no looking back after this November. The reason why it is so important now to take the correct decision is that the 318+ million people of America will decide the fate of the world for at least the next 4 years. A huge responsibility on them to choose someone who doesn’t backtrack from their commitments.

Entrepreneurs and Leaders as change agents

Entrepreneurs are great examples of change as well. They can see what others either don’t care today or can’t envision. They have the futuristic perspective to life. What drives them every day is change and innovation. You could only seldom find an entrepreneur, who, after getting failed at a certain startup may just abandon all his dreams. He would go ahead and find another way to start afresh and ultimately win.

Leadership is often also misconstrued as being a position that is only to direct people in a certain direction or finding out their real talent. Instead, it is accepting the pragmatic nature of difficult situations in business and moving on to set up something new and profitable. This is how leaders become visionary, by accepting change.

Change has fear hidden in it and if we could just overcome that fear, it becomes a habit. That is how millionaires, billionaires, and successful people reach such great heights and set examples of change to us. We have to move on and accept change even if it is painful right now.

At the same time change also presents a great opportunity to excel in life. We just need to be vigilant as to when we need to move on.

How do you feel change impacted you and what are your thoughts on changing your life, career, and even country by innovating and accepting to change?

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