How to get your answers, faster, and increase work productivity?

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Work productivity is majorly impacted by our way of dealing with co-workers that either don’t answer to our questions or unnecessarily delay in sharing relevant information when they are actually supposed to share it promptly. It decreases work efficiency and brings frustration. And it is also safe to assume that all of us are those kinds of co-workers. No one is perfect! 


There is a great way to deal with this problem and a very simple one which could turn around work efficiency for you in a big way.


Always keep a notebook and pen with yourself and before meeting someone or a large group, write these simple questions down. Keep going back to these till you get your answers.



  • What is the information you are looking to get from this person?

Sometimes even after spending 10 minutes in a discussion, you feel like you still haven’t got what you are looking for. Hence, go back to this question and ask for this same information in a different way. This time more direct.

It is not a surprise that so many people can’t share the exact information you are actually looking for.

Because so many of these people are either not aware of this information you are looking for or they don’t have good communication skills to articulate it in a better way or in a more professional and a time-bound manner. Most often, they go on story mode and leave you cringing about when you can get the real answer you are looking for. Don’t worry, you are not alone. All of us go through this every single day.

And there is a great possibility that we are also the part of this problem. Meaning, other people might think the same way for us.

But the most successful people know how to get their answers, in a jiffy. They are firm, direct and ensure that they don’t let that person go unchecked after every minute or so. This is the best way to get your answers quickly.


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  • How much time do you have to speak to this person?

If you don’t have enough time to meet with this person and you are not getting an answer in the first 10-15 seconds, why waste time? :Let them know that you will speak to them again about this, but before this brief meeting ends, tell them that you expect some response from them before you meet again and it will be great if they can share anything related to this in an email before the meeting or share it with you soon as they know anything about it. Surely, something is better than nothing. Will boost your productivity.


  • Is it the right person to get your answers from?

Are you sure that your source of answers is the right resource? The best way to get to your answers is by following the same kind of process that we follow when we need answers from the internet. If you are looking for an answer, you always go to Google first. If you can’t find what you are looking for, you then go to other sites like Quora, Yahoo forums etc. Or you simply post this question/concern on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter etc. Why not use the same logic when trying to get an answer from a resource in your work environment. Ask yourself first, if this is the right person to go to. Can somebody else have a better grip on it? If you don’t find any relevant answers, of course, your company is using an Intranet where you can post this concern.


  • Are you asking the right question, have you used the right words while framing your question?

It happens a lot of times that when you are sitting in a meeting you accommodate and adjust your way of thinking and may rephrase what you are asking based on listening to more and more inputs that keep pouring in from all sides. But if you still don’t get the answers, you change your question completely because it could be true that you may have been stating the wrong question all this while.

Also, while talking to this resource, you can rephrase your question if you think they might end up answering somewhat closer to your original question. Increases efficiency and eventually helping in your work productivity to instantly shoot up.


What do you think? Have you met such co-workers, what was your great idea of mitigating these issues? Empower us!

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