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I am an entrepreneur and a passionate blogger. I have immense interest in topics like Career advice, Social media and entrepreneurship. I love traveling to new countries and unique places. I am a go-getter kind of a person. I believe in risk taking and attribute a lot of my successes in life to the risk I have taken. I don’t understand the meaning of borders and believe that one day all of the world will become one country. The process has already begun with the advent of social media. I provide consulting to companies, support individuals reach their maximum potential. I believe in giving more than taking.

I read a lot of books. Currently, I am reading Zero to One from Peter Theil. Also, I am writing a book on social media which will be a work of non-fiction and provides it’s readers a strong message on social media and it’s practical use for their benefits.

My personal favorites are: The world is flat, Thomas Freidman and  Zero to One by Peter Theil

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